Why Choose Premium Source?

Quality. We have a full service production facility that utilizes digital reprographic equipment to create the highest quality materials in the format of your choice. We can provide all of the extras: full color printing, printed tab dividers, inserts, laminated covers, even perfect binding (wrap-around covers).

Experience. Stop wasting your time worrying about copyright issues, legal liability issues, and production issues. Let our expert staff take care of the details and free you of all the hassles.

The services you are looking for. We offer: CoursePacks, E-Packs (electrontic CoursePacks), CoursePack/E-Pack hybrid packages, out-of-print books, and complete copyright permission services. Looking for eco-friendly print options? As an FSC certified printer, we have those too.

Save your students money. Our average CoursePack costs less than half the price of the average textbook.

You are in control. You decide how your CoursePack or E-Pack is produced, and have final say on the cost. We give you an estimate up front, and ask for a final price approval once we have all of the royalty information. If you believe any royalty fees are too high, you have the option of omitting or replacing that material. You will know exactly what your CoursePacks or E-Packs will cost your students before they are printed.


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