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Navigating copyright law can be a real nightmare. Our in-house permissions team is your dream come true. We manage the rights clearance process from start to finish. We track down the rights holders and negotiate permission agreements on your behalf, keeping you updated on our progress along the way. We pay all of the royalties and maintain all of the documentation. You can breathe easy knowing your book is 100% copyright compliant.

The Content You Want

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Some publishers limit you to content from specific rights holders. At Premium Source, we believe you should choose the content you want—not just the content that is easiest to license. Our in-house permission specialists are experts in tracking down rights holders and are ready to negotiate on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get copyright permissions?

Some clear in only hours, but others take weeks and require research to find the current rights holders. On average, it takes 2-4 weeks to obtain permissions from the rights holders.

How can I make the clearance process go faster?

Providing us with accurate and complete information on your estimate request form is the most important thing you can do. Otherwise, research is required on our part which means added time.

Would it help if I called the publisher myself?

As tempting as this might seem, this actually creates delays. Some publishers’ permissions departments run fairly slow. Outside requests from individuals for single item responses is the one thing that publishers tell us slow them down the most. Our permissions specialists often ask for permission for multiple items when calling on publishers and check on several items during one follow-up call. Rest assured we have a professional team dedicated to this process.

Once I have received permission, do I have to ask for it ever again?

Yes. Permission is usually granted for only one term, or for the specified time outlined by the rights holder. Permission is also limited to the class and instructor on the initial request. We must ask for permission each subsequent semester. While there have been occasions where we have been able to obtain permissions for an extended period, it is highly unusual for rights holders to grant permissions for indefinite time frames and/or quantities.

Are United States government publications copyrighted?

Most items produced by the government are not copyrighted and are considered “public domain” works. As these publications are provided for information to the general public, existing copyright laws do not protect governmental publications from unauthorized duplication. However, if the documents have been created by an outside government contractor, they may still be copyrighted.

Can you copy illustrations and pictures?

Please be aware that illustrations or pictures are often included in works but are covered by copyrights owned by a different party than the text of the work you wish to have reproduced. The author or publisher of the material most likely received prior permission to include the image with other works on a one-time basis. Consequently, you may need to make separate requests for permission to copy a photograph or illustration.


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