Out-of-Print Books

Your Favorite Books Are Back

Out-of-Print Books

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

You already found the perfect book. It hits all the course competencies and your students respond well to it. Then—with no warning—the publisher stops making it. Don't fret. Your favorite book isn't lost forever. We can get the rights to reprint it. More often than not the reprint costs less than the original book. Bonus!

Cover Design

You can judge a book by its cover

Your perfect book should have a perfect cover to match. Our in-house design team can create an eye-catching cover design that will make your book stand out in the crowd. Plus, if you have at least 50 students enrolled in your course each semester, we'll throw in a custom cover design for free! Have a smaller course? Don't fret. We have stock covers that will help your book shine, or—if you're feeling creative—you can provide us with your own cover design.


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