Author Spotlight

Highlighting Some of Our Extraordinary Authors

Marilyn Cristiano

Dr. Marilyn Cristiano taught communication courses to community college students at Phoenix College and Paradise Valley Community College, helped people in the workplace to design and deliver professional presentations, and presented to audiences large and small for over four decades with much success. She holds a B.A. and M.A. in Communication from Marquette University, where as a graduate student, she began teaching public speaking to university students. She also holds a doctorate in Higher Education from Nova Southeastern University with an emphasis on methods for teaching communication skills. Marilyn has recently retired from full-time teaching and has been awarded the Maricopa County Community College District Faculty Emeritus Distinction. She plans to continue her work as a communication consultant. Personally, Marilyn is enjoying retirement and finding time to plan home improvement projects and to enjoy her hobbies that include attending Arizona State University women’s basketball games and the Phoenix Mercury Women’s Basketball Association games as a season ticket holder.


Felicia Ramírez

Dr. Felicia Ramírez is a Professor of Communication at Paradise Valley Community College where she teaches a variety of communication courses and specializes in Public Speaking. As a frequent presenter at conferences, professional workshops, and events, Dr. Ramírez applies public speaking strategies, tests new techniques, and shares practical tips from her experiences with students. She is passionate about teaching and learning and strives to foster an inclusive learning environment that is respectful of learners’ diverse needs and interests. Dr. Ramírez is a member of the Honors Faculty, Co-Chair of the Assessment for Learning Team, and Co-Chair of the Critical Thinking Academy at the college. She earned an Associate of Arts degree from Glendale Community College and a Bachelor and Master of Arts in Communication Studies from Arizona State University where she was a Marie Sands Scholar and Barrett Honors College graduate. She also earned a doctorate in Adult Education from Capella University.

About Their Books

Introduction to Human Communication Public Speaking Manual  and Speaker’s Manual: A Guide to High Impact Public Speaking  focus on The Six-Step Guide to Effective Presentations. This guide is a powerful organizational tool that can be used by speakers to present any type of speech for any occasion competently and confidently. The guide has been used by students and faculty in the classroom, leaders at conferences, entrepreneurs in pitch competitions, business and industry professionals in the workplace, people celebrating significant life events, and even by an Arizona Supreme Court Justice while conducting business of the court.

Moreover, these manuals are practical guides that are designed to help speakers prepare speech materials step by step, deal with feelings of nervousness, and effectively deliver their speeches. The manuals contain clear and accurate explanations of speaking concepts, descriptions about the purposes of different types of speeches, and guidelines for how to adapt to various occasions and audiences. A major advantage of these manuals is the inclusion of speech worksheets that take the guesswork out of speech development and allow the user to focus on the creative process, making speech construction fun.

That’s right—FUN! When using these manuals, students shift from the tendency to see speaking as a performance to be judged and criticized. Instead, they start to focus on the elements that can be controlled and really matter such as creating high impact content, connecting with the audience, using appropriate delivery techniques, and illustrating points with dynamic presentational aids.

Introduction to Human Communication Public Speaking Manual  will be used this fall at Paradise Valley Community College for thier COM100 courses.

Speaker’s Manual: A Guide to High Impact Public Speaking  will be used this fall at Paradise Valley Community College for thier COM225 courses.

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Introduction to Human Communication Public Speaking Manual
ISBN: 978-1-63434-845-4

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Speaker’s Manual: A Guide to High Impact Public Speaking
ISBN: 978-1-63434-846-1