What is a CoursePack?

A CoursePack is a compilation of book excepts, newspaper, magazine, and journal articles, and instructor-authored materials. CoursePacks allow you to give your students the most current and relevant information available, and can often eliminate the need for your students to buy multiple books when only portions of each are needed. This provides tremendous savings for your students, helping to lighten their debt load.

Creating a CoursePack is easy. Simply fill out an order form letting us know the readings you would like to include and we do all the rest. We obtain all of the copyright clearances, pay the royalties, produce your CoursePacks to your specifications, and deliver them to the bookstore for sale alongside your students’ other books. This service costs you nothing and no class is too small. For tips on improving the likelihood and speed of obtaining permission, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

ISBN & Copyright Registration Service We issue all coursepacks an ISBN, and include a copyright statement page, asserting your rights as the copyright holder. This makes it easier for bookstores to order your coursepacks, and gives you valuable protection against unauthorized copying. If your book has a commercial value, we can register this ISBN with the Works in Print database and the Library of Congress.