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Open educational resources (OER) are taking higher education by storm. And rightly so. These free course materials can replace overpriced textbooks, saving your students a ton of money. We know what you are thinking…

If my students can access OER for free, why would I have them pay for a printed copy?

Simply put, it’s what your students want. In a survey led by Naomi Baron of American University, nearly 92% of students age 18-26 said they concentrated best when reading from a hard copy.1 Students stated that when reading eBooks they were more easily distracted and prone to headaches from eye strain.

Yeah, but wouldn’t it be cheaper for my students to print their own copies?

In most cases the answer is no. According to PC World, the average cost per page to print in black and white on an inkjet printer is between 7 and 8 cents per page, not including the price of paper.2 Our price per page even after the bookstore’s markup is 4.8 cents, and yes, that includes the paper. That’s savings your students can take to the bank!

Cover Design

You can judge a book by its cover

The perfect look is about more than the print and finishing options you choose. Our in-house design team can create an eye-catching cover design that will get your book noticed. And even better, we throw in a custom cover design for free for OER titles!

Cover Options

Only the highest quality materials will do

White rigid vinyl

15 mil White Rigid Vinyl

Perfect for lab manuals or any book needing a little ex­tra pro­tection. Colors come alive on this unique mat­erial. Rigid vinyl pro­vides the stur­diest covers of the bunch and pro­vides pro­tection from spills. Just wipe clean and it looks as good as new!

White 80# cover stock

80# Cover—White

Extraordinary quality with a sur­prisingly small price tag. This is our go-to stock for full color covers. It is avail­able in both gloss and matte.

Bristol cover stock

67# Bristol Cover

These pastel covers are a great option for covers being printed in black & white. Avail­able colors (from left to right): tan, canary, ivory, gray, green, pink, blue, white, salmon, orchid, cherry.

Astrobright cover stock

65# Astrobright Cover

These bright colored cover stocks will really make your black & white cover pop. Avail­able colors (from left to right): orbit orange, solar yellow, celestial blue, gamma green, re-entry red, planetary purple, lift-off lemon, pulsar pink, terrestrial teal, lunar blue, rocket red, fireball fuschia, terra green.

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Binding Options

Keeping it all together

Coil binding

Coil Binding

3-hole drilled & shrinkwrapped biniding

3-Hole Drill & Shrink Wrap

Black tape binding

Tape Binding

Perfect binding

Perfect Binding

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Give your book a little something extra

Clear plastic & black leatherette cover protectors

Clear Pastic/Black Leatherette
Cover Protectors

Tabbed dividers

Tabbed Dividers (5-Bank)

Custom tabbed dividers

Custom Tabbed Dividers

Paper color selection

Colored Paper &
Cardstock Divider

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